Google takes Office to the Cloud, security issues remain

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Article Author: Keir Thomas Google has begun testing an intriguing plugin for Microsoft Office. Google Cloud Connect is a devastatingly simple concept: rather than save your files to your computer’s hard disk, it allows you to save them to your online Google Docs space. Following the upload, the user can share docs with colleagues and … read on

Senior adviser calls for stronger EU data protection laws

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Article Author: Jennifer Baker, IDG News Service Europe needs strong and effective data protection, the European data protection supervisor said Monday. Responding to the recent European Commission communication on data protection reform, Peter Hustinx underlined the importance of a clear legal framework that harmonizes national data protection legislation, particularly in societies where private information is … read on

Forrester: Consumerisation of IT can be an opportunity

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Article Author: Anh Nguyen IT should support employee innovations. IT needs to adapt to a new ’empowered’ era, where customers have more information available to them than ever before, and employees are bringing new technologies into the business first, says Forrester. A recent survey by the analyst house found that 30 percent of information workers … read on

Victims still awaiting identity theft laws

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Article Author: Karen Dearne LAWS to prevent identity theft and giving victims a means of untangling financial and legal damage are still held up in federal parliament. The draft laws were introduced two years ago by former Home Affairs minister Bob Debus. The Identity Crimes Bill adds three identity offences to fill gaps in existing … read on