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Keep an eye on your data …

and keep your data where it belongs

Stop your data appearing “in the wild”Contact us now to evaluate our solutions

find out how we can keep your data inside your company without changing staff workflow.


    Why use Digital Asset Protection from Softection?

Best Of Breed Tracking & Logging
Track where your data exists, and log what is happening to it. Use this information to fine tune your security policies and prove compliance.
Content Specific Protection
Protect only the files deemed sensitive. This prevents productivity losses seen with other data encryption schemes.
Intuitive & Easy To Use
A simple user interface and straightforward concepts means low training overhead and ease of protection!



Features and Benefits of using Digital Asset Protection

Protection will follow the data.   –   Any data extracted from a database will be protected.   –   All Classified data will be encrypted.   –   Encryption is pluggable to site standard encryption (Civilian or Military).   –   Data will be protected according to legislation.   –   Automate many mandatory compliance requirements.   –   Any data deemed to be at risk will be destroyed per USDOD prescribed ‘Sanitize’ routine.   –   A persistent method for educating staff on data handling policies.   –   Hardware disposal will have all data forensically destroyed prior to disposal.   –   Add granularity to data permissions based on seniority or job role.   –   Interface with and extend existing permission systems.   –   Prevent snooping and accidental or malicious mishandling of data.   –   All actions taken with data will be logged and auditable.   –   Allows for greater ‘in the field’ collaboration of data for intelligence and defence agencies and health professionals.   –   Manage use of data for data distribution and research.