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Information Leakage Prevention

Data Leakage is defined as the release of confidential information from authorised users. According to a Deloitte & Touche Global Security Survey “the majority of breaches stemmed from inside an organisation.”

data breach is not always malicious such as when data is released unintentionally by an employee or contractor. Which may happen when a laptop stolen or printed material is left behind in an airport, or simply attaches the wrong file to an email.

Products built on DAP technology are designed to prevent  Information Leakage.  By encrypting data, lost, stolen or misplaced files are protected from being viewed, highly confidential documents are prevented from being printed. Users must be authenticated and have access to centrally managed  key store.  Any potential data leaks from accidental or malicious activity is safeguarded against with Softection DAP.


Data ‘Use’ Management & Staff Education

Softection DAP does most of it’s work behind the scenes allowing users of corporate data to get on with their jobs. DAP will persistently manage the use of corporate classified data so that all activities by a user of corporate data stay within corporate boundaries. This includes ensuring files are stored in locations consistent with corporate policy. Any files renamed or data cut from documents will automatically be included as classified so that an employees workflow is not interrupted and data integrity is always maintained.

DAP’s persistent behavior prevents malicious or inadvertent behavior before the user request is executed, preventing any data recovery activity being required. This can be extended to site specific dialogue boxes on screen to advise the user of what has been prevented and what the company policy is on the particular topic or activity.