Protect Data On Corporate Laptops

Mitigate the Risk of Lost or Stolen Laptops

The loss or theft of a laptop computer can cause serious material harm to an organization.  Thecosts of a stolen laptop include: cost to replace hardware, cost in lost productivity, cost to brand/reputation, cost of notification for any potentially exposed customers, cost of legal fees, and cost of lost customers.

A recent survey of companies that experience lost customer records on a stolen laptopshowed the average cost of a stolen laptop with customer records exceeded $4 Million.  To make things more troubling, the statistics around laptop thefts indicate that having a corporate laptop stolen is not a question of ‘if`, but ‘when`.

Softection can help you mitigate the associated risks in the following ways:

  • Encryption of all corporate Digital Assets on a laptop.
  • Extremely easy and quick method for encrypting any newly created Digital Assets for laptops already in the field.
  • Tracking of all Digital Assets on each corporate laptop. [Know exactly what valuable data was on the lost or stolen laptop!]
  • Restrictions on the number of reboots allowed, or the number of days allowed before Digital Assets on an offline laptop are destroyed.
  • Restrictions on what Digital Assets can be accessed while a laptop is offline.

These options give you the flexibility you need to implement and enforce your corporate laptop security policies.

To implement this solution, see our DAP Laptop Protector product.