Protect Data from your IT Department

Ensure that Sensitive Data remains with it`s true owners!

Often, a group within your company (HR, Board of Directors, etc) will be working with extremelysensitive information.  It will need to be easily shared and backed up, requiring that IT be able to administer it. This presents a major security risk since an IT department may then have access to personnel or acquisition information.  To prevent this, a secure Information Barrier (aka Chinese Wall) needs to be set up.

Products built on DAP Technology have separate Business Administration & IT Administration functions.  This means Data Owners can use the simple & intuitive interface for data rights management, while the IT department can use the isolated IT Admin functionality to configure network settings, run backups on encrypted files, etc.  At all points, IT can be prevented from viewing sensitive data.  Unless the Data Owner registers a user, they will only see obfuscatedfile names and encrypted files which they have no means of decrypting.

To implement this solution, see our DAP Information Barrier product.