Product Overview

Information Leakage Prevention & Secure Data Management

Softection’s products are based on our innovative Digital Asset Protection (DAP) Technology.  DAP Technology provides a comprehensive data security and information management solution that can be adapted to meet your information protection needs.  Products based on DAP Technology do the following:

  • Protect Data on Laptops
  • Protect Remote Terminal Sessions
  • Protect Sensitive Information from IT departments
  • Prevent Accidental Loss of Information
  • Prevent Malicious Loss of Information
  • Information Leakage Prevention (Internal & External)
  • Complete Data Management Solutions
  • Regulatory Compliance

DAP Technology provides a comprehensive information protection scheme.  A lightweight client operates on machines to encrypt data and enforce corporate data security policies.  The client acts in real-time and is application independent.  The data protection scheme consists of 5 Layers of Protection which are configured within different products to meet specific customer needs.


DAP Laptop Protector

DAP Laptop Protector is designed for customers that are most concerned about accidental information leakage which occurs when laptops are lost or stolen.  This solution provides an easy way for users to protect data on laptops, or for businesses to ensure that corporate data is protected on laptops.  Protection includes encryption of data on laptops, and optional self destruction of data.  This product is ideal to ensure that you don””t become the next data breach news headline.

DAP Information Barrier

DAP Information Barrier protects sensitive information handled by specific internal groups.  HR data, board papers, and other such information can be easily guarded from IT departments while still ensuring IT can run backups, hardware maintenance, and other IT functions.

DAP Remote Lockdown

DAP Remote Lockdown is designed for corporations that use Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Services as a means for employees or outsourcers to connect remotely.  DAP Remote Lockdown ensures that all information within a Remote Session stays protected by blocking and logging all attempts to leak data to the remote computer, via screenshots, file saves, or any other means.