DAP Information Barrier

Safeguard Sensitive Internal Data from the IT Department

DAP Information Barrier provides an information barrier between internal groups such as HR, finance, or upper management, and the IT department.

Confidential information such as salary figures, company restructuring plans, or financial results needs to be worked on with the guarantee that they cannot be misused or viewed by those in the company that should not be viewing it.  Access control is sufficient to block most users, however the IT department is often the exception to this rule.

An IT department, which often has high turnover and regularly works on a ticket system, randomly rotating through jobs, is responsible for hardware maintenance, backup, network storage, email systems, and other tasks which require access to data.  This poses a severe risk to highly sensitive data without a targeted solution.

Using DAP Information Barrier, any confidential corporate data can by converted to a Digital Asset and protected.  This Digital Asset can then be shared and worked on by authorized users, such as senior executives.  The Digital Asset Server contains the files in encrypted form with obfuscated names, so IT can backup files, and perform hardware maintenance without any knowledge of what the files are.  Further, Digital Assets that reside on an executives computer are only visible to an Authorized user; an IT employee logged on to that computer for maintenance reasons will be unable to see the Digital Asset.  User authorization is done via the very simple Data Admin Interface, which is separate from the IT Admin interface, thereby not requiring IT support to set permissions on data.