OEM Partners

Softection provides our OEM partners with a complete solution for easily integrating our industry leading technology into existing products.  Our Digital Asset Protection technology, designed to be complementary to existing products, can be easily integrated with products ranging from small stand-alone applications, to enterprise data management solutions. This facilitates rapid entry into the information leakage prevention marketplace, and the quick addition of product modules to give OEM partners a solid Data Security story.

Softection provides a powerful addition to any solution by:

  • Tracking and Logging Confidential Information: DAP Technology monitors data access at the individual file level, for a specific application, by user and by machine (desktop, laptop) allowing organizations to log, track and audit access to corporate data;
  • Control how Confidential Information is Used: DAP Technology enforces usage rights on data.  Protected files can have limits placed on printing, printscreens, copy & paste, emailing, and locations in which it can be saved (eg prevent data from being saved to and external device; including USB drives, iPods, CD-Rs, etc)

Softection provides a range of tools than can handle any size integration effort.  For the simplest and quickest integration, the rules based configuration module can be used to protect specific applications.  For more advanced application integration OEM partners can use our standards based API to apply their own branding and utilize key DAP technologies by interfacing to DAP via COM & Web Services APIs.

For more information on our partner programs, please contact us.